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  • Cabinet is fabricated out of the Board duly Sunmica clad/Stainless Steel 304 grade/GI duly powder coated.
  • The system is microprocessor based. The microprocessor displays the inflow and down flow air velocities in real time on an LCD display.
  • Motor automatically adjust the air flow speed to ensure continuous safe working condition. Air flow as per requirements of Bio safety regulations in respect of atleast BSC II A level cabinet.
  • Noise level less than 65 decibel.
  • Efficiency of HEPA filter is almost 99.97%.
  • Working table made of SS 3004.
  • Front of the cabinet shall be angled to help minimize glair.
  • Fluorescent lamps for lighting of the interior of the cabinet.
  • UV light is also fitted to disinfect the interior of the cabinet. UV light shall be programmable to allow for specific exposure time from 0 to 24 hrs. Automatic UV switch =OFF‘ on opening of front window. The front window is made of laminated safety glass to protect against leakage of UV rays and to ensure containment of potential hazardous material.
  • Safety alarm / safety display for Low air velocity and Faulty exhaust fan.
  • Power input 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz fitted with Indian plug.
  • Movable stands
  • Dimensions: 2’x2’x2’, 3’x2’x2’, 4’x2’x2’ and 6’x2’x2’
  • A Comprehensive Solution If You Want To Buy A Biosafety Cabinet

    First of all, before buying a biosafety cabinet from any other manufacturer or us, it is necessary to know everything about the machine.
    -A Biological Safety Cabinet is a ventilated enclosure, the product from aerosols bobbing up from the managing of potentially dangerous micro-organisms. Biological Safety Cabinets are classified into three classes based totally upon their containment capabilities when running with organic marketers. Usually, there are three States of Protection, and Kheraexim- Biosafety cabinet India use them for manufacturing a good machine.

    These three are given below-

    -Personal Protection From Harmful Sellers Within The Cabinet

    -Environmental Protection From Contaminants Contained In The Cabinet

    -Product Protection To Avoid Infection Of The Samples

    Choice of cabinet relies upon on the stage of safety wanted for the laboratory worker and the pattern of interest.

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