Fume Hood


  • Fume hood are designed to exhaust toxic & harmful vapors from the working area.
  • Aerodynamic Design.
  • Fabricated out of Laminated boards with high pressure laminates.
  • Interior chamber is made of SS/Laminated/Glazed acid proof tiles.
  • Working table is fitted with SS top/Glazed acid proof tiles & SS sink.
  • A motor & blower balanced system generates negative pressure within the hood.
  • Front door made of glass with Al. frame moves vertically up & down with concealed counter balanced weights.
  • Fitted with fluorescent tubes, Cock for Gas Lines and Exhaust System.
  • Suitable to work on 220V, 50 Hz, Single phase..
  • Fume Hood made of SS 304 is also available.
  • Available Sizes
    1 2’x2’x2’
    2 3’x2’x2’
    3 4’x2’x2’
    4 5’x2’x2’
    5 6’x2’x2’

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