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  • Temperature range of wax baths 45°C to 65°C, excess temperature cut out 75 °C
  • Easy editing and changing of programmes possible, even during a processing run.
  • Infiltration time for each station shall be separately programmable.
  • The bucket shall go back inside the respective solution when power fails and not hang in mid air LCD display panel, audible alarm warning/error messages.
  • Ergonomic control panel with full protected keyboard and LOC.
  • Machine shall also be able to cater to short time (quick) processing. Both immediate and delayed start functions shall be available.
  • Delayed start function at least upto 72 hrs interrupting an automatic process Carousel type with 12 stations (10 reagent stations, 2 wax baths).
  • Metal containers at each station Capacity of each container 1.8 to 2 litres, Metal tissue baskets - 2 nos. capacity approx 80 - 100 cassettes to be run at one go.
  • The tissue baskets shall have less base diameter as compared to upper diameter to avoid basket getting stuck inside the containers. Firm bottom.
  • Power supply: AC 220V- 230V, 50HZ Power cord with round 3 pin top and suitable voltage stabilizer.


Microprocessor based Automatic Tissue Processor is designed to prevent a solution to the rapid processing of tissue in Histology Laboratories. MPTP removes all the water from a tissue sample &replace it with paraffin wax with optimum speed to curtail damage to the tissues caused by dehydration and shrinkage.

SALIENT FEATURES – Operated by feather touch keyboard with digital display shows: Real time. Date, month and year. Wax bath temperature: set temperature & attain temperature Station No. is displayed In which Tissue basket is running.station time and lapse time shown on display.

Tissue processor with programmable logic controller for complete cycle. Timing & stage sequence, Wax Bath temperature safety system etc. all controlled/operated by feather touch key board with Digital display. The instrument capable to retain data in case of power failure. It has front panel with the key board, digital display and control switch. It has PID temperature controller to control the wax bath temperature.


  • 1.The 12 stage timing sequence may be programmed for each stage for duration between1 minute to 9 hrs. 59 minute in steps of 1 minute.
  • 2.Delay Time: Delay time can be programmed upto 99 hours and will be sequenced with main control.
  • 3.Wax Bath Safety Control: Wax Bath PID temperature controller gives signal if temperature is not between 50° to 65°C. Safety system will function at 10th,11th&12th position and will stop the main unit in stage 9 onward till the set temperature is attained in the wax bath.
  • 4.Basket Rotor: Slowly rotating 2 basket rotors are operated through the microprocessor control system.
  • 5.Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply
  • 6.Capacity: 1 Lit., 2 Lit.


  • Basket Rotor which rotate the tissue basket slowly
  • Tissue capsule basket of SS with even perforation
  • Tissue capsule SS 28x28x9 mm with sliding cover
  • Tissue capsule SS 20x20x10 mm with sliding cover
  • Tissue capsule SS circular, 36 mm dia with Auto press lid
  • Beaker without lip (1-2 lt. capacity)

ROTARY MICROTOME [Model No. KI 235 (a)]

The heavy duty base provides absolute support for mechanism and knife holder. Aluminium cover is hinged to the base, protect the interior parts and opens to provide easy access for cleaning & lubrication.

AUTOMATIC FEED RELEASE WITH AUTOMATIC SAFETY DEVICE – Total feed excursion is 28 mm. When the limit of the feed is reached, a safety device automatically disengages the feed mechanism

FRONT-POSITIONED FEED INDICATOR WITH LATEST CAM DRIVE - The feed indicator graduated in microns is conveniently located at front of the instrument and feed setting from 1 to 50 microns in steps of 1 micron each is controlled by a knurled knob at the back of the microtome. The sturdy knife holder in addition to the knife elevating and leveling adjustments provides lateral movements for complete use of knife edge. The angle adjustable upto 30@ is indicated on a reference scale. streamlined Razor 120 mm made from highest quality fine grain tool steel which is heat treated and tested for micro structure is furnished with the instrument


  • •Feed adjustment 1-50 microns( in steps of 1 micron each.)
  • •Opening of Object Clamp (Ball and flange type) 37x27 mm.
  • •Total feed excursion 28 mm
  • •Overall Size: 16"x10"x9" & approx. weight 27 Kg


  • •Surface grinding on base, horizontal, vertical and inclined slide for smooth and accurate motion
  • •Ratchet Wheel, CAM and CAM weight are made of GUN Metal.
  • •Axel and Catcher made from Special Steel made on imported machine


  • •120 mm razor with S.S. back & handle in case One
  • •Object Holder dia 22, 25, 28 mm Three
  • •Knife holder tightening key One
  • •Dust cover and oil cane for lubricationOne


  • Ergonomic design, Compact Dimensions, Vertical
  • Guidance by zero-backlash and maintain free cross roller bearings.
  • Electronic precision feed mechanism with stepping motor technology.
  • Especially smooth running hand wheel. One hand quick clamp change.
  • Fine orientation with one hand operation and zero positioning, easy exchange of specimen.
  • Specimen retraction during return travel, can be turned off. Indication of all relevant information such as section thickness, trim thickness, number of sections, section thickness remaining travel of the specimen feed as well as time and date. Reduced number of button intuitive operation.
  • Patented and ergonomic operation of the specimen feed with variable speed adjustment.
  • Indication of cutting parameters, can be switched over to large indication.
  • Large section waste tray, covering the entire working area.
  • Ergonomically optimized operating elements for non tiring usage.
  • Design with highest demands concerning operational safety and ergonomics.
  • Total section thickness range from 0.5 up to 100 µm.
  • Specimen retraction during return travel 0-200µm, selectable.
  • Motorized Operation Varying with section speed.
  • Horizontal specimen feed Approx. 30mm.
  • Vertical specimen feed Approx. 60mm.
  • Sectioning Modes 1 Manual Mode.
  • Specimen Orientation Horizontal: 8°, Vertical: 8°, Z: 360°.
  • Object feed 28mm.
  • Max. Specimen size 50 x 50mm.
  • Operation Semi-Automatic.
  • Fine section thickness feed via precision stepping motor.
  • Trimming thickness feed via stepping motor


Cryostat microtome is a most modern and dependable for frozen sectioning in diagnostic and research laboratories very simple to operate, reliable, precise instrument.

Control Centre

You can precisely control the temperature of your specimen for ideal sectioning fitted with built in automatic voltage stabilizer. Cryostat microtome with digital temperature controller cum indicator. Temperature range upto -30⁰C and -40⁰C.


  • Equipped with latest and complete rust proof microtome for precise sectioning.
  • Cuts section in thickness of 1-20 microns in 2 micron increments.
  • Knife can be clamped from either side by knife holder. When one portion become blunt or damaged other portion can be used by moving knife holder, 85% knife edge can be used.
  • Easy to read, conveniently located feed indicator.
  • Sectioning has never been easier, faster or more precise


  • Microtome knife with handle and back size 120 mm 2 Nos.
  • Special lubricant 4Oz
  • Block holder 3 Nos
  • Lock vice 1 No
  • Oil hone stone 10” in wooden box 1 No.

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