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Double walled, inside of non-rustable SS304 , outside of MS duly powder coated. 3.5” gap between the walls is filled with blanket of high efficiency mineral wool. The door is fitted with chromium plated brass hinges with a spring and roller type latch. Three heating elements made from the best quality nickel chromium wire are used on refractory supports.

The elements work at black heat and have a very long life. Covered heaters are placed under ribs at the bottom and sides. This arrangement ensures equal uniform distribution of heat.

Temperature is controlled by Digital Temp. Indicator cum Controller upto 250 °C with an accuracy of 2-3° C. Air circulation fan for uniformity of Temperature. Fitted with Air ventilators on the top & sides of the Oven, two pilot lamps, perforated SS shelves, 3 core wire and plug for use on 220 Volts A/C. Built in Back up controller and circuit breaker.

(a) 12x12x12 300x300x300 mm
(b) 14x14x14 355x355x355 mm
(c) 18x18x18 455x455x455 mm
(d) 18x24x18 455x605x455 mm
(e) 24x24x24 605x605x605 mm
(f) 24x18x36 605x455x910 mm
(g) 24x24x36 605x605x910 mm

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