Lab Shaker


The versatile, electronically controlled shaking bath for tissue metabolism and enzyme studies, coagulation or other procedures requiring constant temperature, uniform shaking and controlled atmosphere.


Outside wall made of heavy gauge GI sheet duly powder coated, Electrically welded angles iron base with SS top, gable type cover, which reduces heat loss and evaporation to a min.


Inside chamber made of Stainless Sheet 304 grade. Bath has an oscillating tray riding on Nylon ball rollers.


Insulated with high efficiency puff pads between the interior and exterior walls.


The Temp. range is ambient to 100°C with an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C. Continuous shaking is possible at any rate from 40 to 140 RPM.


Control panel is fitted towards the right and is provided with speed regulator, Electronic Digital Temperature Indicator cum controller, Digital RPM Meter & Digital Timer. Individual switches for heater section, line switch, pilot light and Motor switch are provided in the bottom.


SS Racks with SS Lotus clamps to hold 16 flasks of 25 ml/ 12 flasks of 50ml/9 flasks of 100 ml/5 Flasks of 250 ml flasks/25 Test tubes of 25 mm dia.

MODEL NO. KI-210 (A)

Refrigerated Lab Shaker: Temperature Range: 0 to 100 deg C. Fitted with CFC Free Refrigeration System.

Available in following size:

    (1) 275x275x150 mm
    (2) 400x300x150 mm

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