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Horizontal Laminar Flow clean Air Benches the finest grade equipment available in the market. It provides effective available & long term sterile working conditions for Microbiological investigations, Tissue Culture Studies, Toxin Preparation etc.

KI 226 Fabricated out of thick board cladded with laminar.

KI 227 (A) Fabricated out of GI duly powder coated.

KI 227(B) Fabricated out of SS 304

Washable, re-usable synthetic fibre glass, pre-filters are positioned at bottom removes all major impurities HEPA Filters are used are D.O.P. Tested. It ensures minimum continuation or they remove 99.97% air borne particles as small as 0.3 micron in the work area.

Flourescent tubes are fitted for different light above work surface with built in UV Light .


70 to 125 FPM. A static pressure manometer indicate dirt built up in the filters. Air flow can be adjusted. The air is moved by a direct drive blower motor unit. Number of blowers vary with size. Motors works on 220V, 50 Hz, Single phase.

Vibration free Horizontal Laminar is supplied complete with the following accessories:

    * Table Top made of SS 304.
    * Transparent Front Door.
    * Static Pressure Manometer.
    * Built in UV Germicidal Light.
    * Cock for Gas, Air or Vacuum Lines.
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