Vacuum Rotary Evaporator TFT KI 102 TS

Vacuum Rotary Evaporator KI 102 TS

  • Provided with 4½ inch TFT Touch screen display
  • Brushless Motor with high torque, noise free & self cooling.
  • Motorised auto lift arrangement displacement 150 mm.
  • PID temperature controlled water/ oil bath upto +5ºC to 180ºC.
  • Digital RPM setting ranging from 20 to 300 RPM
  • Data logging memory of 1000 results with date & time
  • USB – PC computer interface
  • Geared drive with high torque even at low speeds
  • Borosilicate glass assembly with double coiled condenser
  • Pear shaped evaporating flask capacity 1000 ml/ 2000 ml, B-24 joint
  • Receiving flask capacity one litre fitted with a ball joint
  • Water/ oil bath capacity up to 4-5 liters
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